I want to initiate bankruptcy procedure

Bankruptcy initiated by debtor

If the debtor finds himself in insolvency, he is required to initiate a bankruptcy on himself. Breach of this lawful duty is punished by a financial penalty, personally affecting statutory authorities (managing director, member of the board), including those persons, who have worked as statutory authorities in the past.

We will help You to initiate your own bankruptcy only, if it is considered to be the best solution for You. We can draft a qualified submission, so your bankruptcy finishes quickly and efficiently. We will be representing you in the whole process of bankruptcy, especially in the communication with Your creditors and the trustee.

Bankruptcy initiated by creditor

Submission to declare the bankruptcy of Your debtor can be much more efficient than an execution, especially, if Your execution was proceeded by the executions of different creditors. Trustee, nominated by the court and controlled by the creditors can efficiently prevent your debtor from ruining the company. In the bankruptcy process you can object the actions of the debtor, aimed to cut down your satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of the other creditors.

We can help you to create a submission to declare a bankruptcy on Your debtor, to get back your money as soon as possible. We will help you to: apply your claims, deny the claims of other creditors, and object the wrongful actions of the debtor. We will represent you at the creditors meeting or creditors’ committee. We will help You to manage and control the trustee, so you can get the maximum profit out the company and the debtor.

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