About Us

Advo Insolvency LP manages carries out trustee activities by the law no. 7/2005 law collection about the settlement with creditors and bankruptcy, as amended. The company was registered on the list of trustees led by Ministry of justice of SR in 2012. The company is comprised of an experienced team of professionals – advocates and trustees, devoted to the topic of insolvency law for more than 10 years.


Our strengths are professionalism, discretion and creative solutions customised for you. Advo Insolvency LP aims to become a leader among trustees in western Slovakia. Therefore, we plan an opening of new offices in regions of Trnava, Zilina and Trencin.



Head office: Hollého 10, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia
Legal form: Limited partnership
Registration: Obchodný register vedený Okresným súdom Nitra, oddiel:  Sr, vložka č.: 10097/N
IČO: 46772910
No. of trustee: S1604
DIČ: 2023563916
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